Using City-Airport Terminal

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Services provided

  • Boarding procedure, check baggage, immigration process

Location & Operating hours

도심공항터미널 위치 및 이용시간 구분, 서울역, 광명역
Category Seoul Station Gwangmyeong Station
Location B2, Seoul Station - Airport Railroad Express (AREX) B1, KTX Gwangmyeong Station (West)
Operating hours Boarding procedures /
Baggage check-in
5:20 ~ 19:00
(Terminal 1: Last check-in 3 hours prior to departure /
Terminal 2: Last check-in 3 hours and 20 minutes prior to departure)
5:30 ~ 19:00
(Last check-in 3 hours prior to departure)
Immigration process 7:00 ~ 19:00 7:00 ~ 19:00

Available to users

  • In the case of Seoul Station, only for express train passengers
  • Same-day international flight departures
  • Airlines available for check-in procedures vary depending on the city airport terminal. Please check with the city airport terminal you plan to use for details.

Train and limousine bus

도심공항터미널 열차 및 리무진 탑승 구분, 서울역, 삼성역, 광명역
Category Seoul Station Express Train Gwangmyeong Station Limousine Bus
Location Get the ticket checked at the basement level 2 of Airport Railroad Express (AREX) at Seoul Station. and get on the train on the Express Train platform at basement level 7. Get on the bus at KTX Airport Limousine Stop by Exit 4 (West) on the 1st floor of Gwangmyeong Station.
Operating hours 6:10 ~ 22:50 5:20 ~ 21:00
Service intervals 30-40 minutes 20-30 minutes

Arriving passengers can get on the KTX train at Gwangmyeong Station more quickly and conveniently by using KTX Airport Limousine from Incheon International Airport to Gwangmyeong Station.

Exclusive entryway

  • Passengers who completed the check-in procedure and departure screening at the Seoul Station City-Airport Terminal may depart by taking the dedicated exit route on the 3rd floor of Incheon International Airport.

Using city-airport terminal

Assigned seating, baggage drop, and departure process at the City Airport Terminal Getting to Incheon Airport Use express tunnel straight ahead Security Check Pass through immigration desks reserved for city-airport customers Proceed to boarding gate Board

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    • Seoul Station City-Airport Terminal (1599-7788)
    • Gwangmyeong Station City-Airport Terminal (1544-7788)
  • Managing department : Transportation Operation Team
Seoul Station
City-Airport Terminal
Gwangmyeong Station
City-Airport Terminal

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