Smart Pass

The information on the homepage is for reference only. Please check with the corresponding airline/institution/facility for accuracy.


What is Smart Pass?

  • With Smart Pass, you can register your personal information (e.g. biometrics, passport, boarding pass) in advance to expedite and supplant the immigration process from departure to boarding with only facial recognition at the airport.

How to Register

  • Register via the mobile app or at the self check-in kiosk at the airport (*coming soon)
애플 앱스토어 다운로드 로고 구글플레이 다운로드 로고
  1. 1. Scan your passport
  2. 2. Scan your e-passport chip
  3. 3. Scan your face
  4. 4. Boarding Pass Registration(Departure)
Your facial biometric data is valid for use for five years with one-time registration.
You must register your boarding pass information before each departure

Where to Use Smart Pass

  • (Departure Gate) Available for use at all gates regardless of airline if registered on Smart Pass.
  • (Boarding Gate) Available for use at some gates of eligible airlines.
Applicable airlines (6): Korean Air, Asiana Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Jeju Air, Jin Air, T'way Air
Phased expansion of eligible airlines and boarding gates until 2025.
  1. 모바일 또는 셀프체크인 기계에 스마트패스 등록 모습
    step 01
    Mobile Registration & Self Check-In
  2. 셀프백드롭기계에서 여권 및 티켓 인식시키는 모습
    step 02
    Self Bag Drop
    Unavailable now
  3. 출국장에서 스마트패스 사용하여 입장하는 모습
    step 03
    Departures Hall
  4. 탑승게이트 앞 스마트패스 사용하는 모습
    step 04
    Boarding Gate

Locations of Smart Pass departure lanes

  • Locations of Smart Pass departure gates at Terminal 1
제1여객터미널 스마트패스 서비스 전용라인 안내도 : 2번, 3번 출국장 사이, 4번,5번 출국장 사이
  • Locations of Smart Pass departure gates at Terminal 2
제2여객터미널 스마트패스 서비스 전용라인 안내도 : 1번 출국장 좌측, 2번 출국장 우측


  • Passport and boarding pass must be on your person. (* Do not pack in your checked baggage.)
  • Must be at least 7 years old; passengers under 14 must have guardian's consent.
  • This is a separate service from the automatic immigration screening by the Ministry of Justice.
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