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Transfer of foreign currency

Status Method of Declaration
Non-resident alien Require the approval of the Foreign Exchange Bank director, the president of Bank of Korea, or the Customs director prior to departure. Possible to transfer out foreign currency within the amount reported during the latest entry into the country.
Emigrant, visitor, foreign student, travel agency, resident alien working and paid in the country If travel fund is over $10,000 US, check with the Foreign Exchange Bank director. In the case of large amount of trade or capital funds, approval or reporting for each business exchange is required.
Resident national Report at the foreign currency desk at Customs in the case of carrying or transferring more than $10,000 USD for regular overseas travel

Transfer/Re-transfer of valuables and luxury goods

귀중품, 고가품 반출/재반출 안내
Returning after leaving the country Leaving the country after entry
  • Valuables or luxury goods that you are using during the trip and bringing back must be reported with Customs before departure and receive "Declaration(Confirmation) Form of Carried-out Personal Effects" to be excluded from being taxed.
  • In the case of leaving with cultural heritage, you must possess "Confirmation of Non-cultural Heritage Good" by a cultural heritage evaluator.
  • Passengers temporarily entering the country with valuables and luxury goods and carrying it out upon leaving the country must present the good(s) with "Confirmation of Temporary Entry Goods", which you issued upon entering the country.
  • In the case that you no longer possess the reported good, your departure may be delayed, so please have it with you at all times. If you lost the item or leave without it, you will have to pay the customs tax or deposit a collateral of 120% of customs tax in order to depart.

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  • Contact number : Korea Customs Service (1577-8577)
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