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This is a smart, high-tech place where you can enjoy Incheon International Airport facility while looking at airport mooring facilities and airplanes.

  • Operating days and time : 07:00 ~ 20:00 (Open all year)
  • Incheon Int'l Airport Regular Briefing Time : (weekends) 14:00/16:00(total 2 times)  
    • Enjoy the professional explanation about the history and facilities of Incheon International Airport.
  • Inquiries : Terminal 2 PR Observatory deck +82-32-741-0015~6
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Bridge | A special place that expresses the sky route in patterns

On the way from the 4th floor to the PR Observatory deck, there is a flying seagull sculpture that spreads its wings as if it tries to guide you to the top. Take the escalator/elevator to the 5th floor and you will find the Bridge space first. This created the ceiling in patterns to remind you of a flying airplane above the runway to express the special place called an airport.

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Complex multimedia mapping show | Digital space where the airport's past and future

Visit the PR Zone to see the history and future of Incheon International Airport at a glance through a multi-media show featuring model mapping and DID images. This place uses a multimedia format to show how Yeongjongdo looked in 1991 before the opening while delivering the vision of a future airport complex city. Moreover, a soaring model that is 12 m tall is used to effectively introduce the airport facilities step-by-step. Visitors can listen to the history and construction story of Incheon International Airport weekends (Sat./Sun.) four times in total.

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Time Slice Photo Zone | To cherish your fun memories at the observatory for a long time

If you want to take a memorable photo at the PR Observatory, visit the Time Slice Photo Zone to take fun and amusing photos through computer-generated background images of Incheon International Airport.

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Incheon International Airport in Numbers | From A to Z about Incheon International Airport

Incheon International Airport in Numbers is an archive space where visitors can check out the past achievements in the operations and construction of Incheon International Airport. Don't forget to check out a string of detailed and interesting facts about our airport in 2D images from the total floor area of Incheon International Airport to the number of flights, flights/cargo handling performance, the prominent records such as no. 1 airport by Airport Service Quality (ASQ) for 12 consecutive years, and more.

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Viewpoint Space | Sip a cup of coffee looking at the airplanes

Take a short break while looking around the PR Observatory and give yourself a rest. This is a good place to do so. You can look down at the airplanes sitting on the tarmac over the wide-open window. In addition, the Villa de Charlotte Cafe, which sells coffee and various beverages, is located for visitors to spend a happy break in the vicinity of the sky.

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Direct any questions regarding information on the website to:
  • Managing department : PR Team
  • Related information : Terminal 2 PR Observatory deck +082-32-741-0015, 0016