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About Airport City

Airport City Overview
  • The airport is undergoing a transformation into a vast industry that generates high added value to cultivate diverse sectors such as logistics, culture, tourism, and commerce, expanding far beyond its conventional role as a mere landing space for aircraft. In line with global trends, countries are strategically investing in their airports, and Incheon International Airport is also gearing up to evolve into an airport city, with ambitions to become a thriving hub for tourism and business in Northeast Asia.
  • The initial phase of the International Business Complex (IBC-I) and the 5th runway (golf course) are currently under development. Simultaneously, we are seeking investments for both IBC-I and IBC-II, and working on the development of a resort complex in IBC-III to attract additional investments. The development of the airport city is projected to strengthen support for the airport, stimulate new demand in aviation, and contribute to both national and regional growth.
에어포트 시티 개요 관련 이미지
International Business Complex 안내 표
Type Status
① Phase 1 of International Business Center 1 Total Project Cost: KRW 666 billion
- Facilities: 4 officetel buildings, medical center, Grand Hyatt Hotel, Best Western Hotel, etc.
② Phase 2 of International Business Center 1 - Phase 1 Construction (opened in April, 2017)
- Total Project Cost: KRW 2.2 trillion ※ Phase 1: Hotel (769 rooms), casino, etc. (project cost: KRW 1.5 trillion)
※ Phase 2: Commercial facilities, international conference rooms, etc.
③ Phase 2-2 of International Business Center 1 - Racing facilities, indoor activity facilities, etc. (59㎡)
- Scheduled to commence operations in the first half of 2025
④ Orange Dunes Yeongjong Golf Club - Golf course (18 holes) and ancillary facilities (opened in June, 2021)
- Total project cost: Approx. KRW 40 billion, project area: approx. 852,000㎡
⑤ T1 Long-term Parking Lot Landmark - Site area: 380,000㎡
- A landmark integrating passenger services (ticketing, parking, etc.) with culture and arts (a tourist attraction)
⑥ Southern Waterside (Water Park) - Project area: Approx. 400,000㎡
- Boat Racing Training Center: Training facilities, accommodation, maintenance facilities, lecture halls, etc.
- Nest Hotel: 370 guest rooms, convention center, F&B, etc.
⑦ International Business Center 3 (Inspire IR) - Phase 1A (461,000㎡, KRW 1.5 trillion mixed entertainment facilities)
- 3 Hotels with 1,275 rooms, casino, arena, pool dome, etc.
※ Scheduled for completion in September, 2023
⑧ MRO - Maintenance, inspection, disassembly, and repair complex for safe operation of aircraft
- Hangars, engine parts MRO facilities, maintenance training center, etc., as part of a one-stop MRO cluster
⑨ FBO - Services provided for general aviation
- Dedicated terminal, apron, hangars, and other related facilities
⑩ Art Storage Facility Development Project - Site area: 33,000㎡
- Ancillary facilities for art storage
⑪ International Business Center 2 - Accommodation (hotels, etc.), offices, commercial facilities, etc.
- Capital being raised for project development
⑫ Airport Logistics District - Phase 1: 992,000㎡, 28 units
- Phase 2: 651,000㎡, 12 units
- Phase 3: 326,000㎡ (available from the first half of 2022)
⑬ Cargo Terminal - AACT Cargo Terminal 2: Built with a BOT method, new construction (started operations in 2020)
- DHL Cargo Terminal: BOT method, expansion (available from the first half of 2022)
⑭ 72-Hole Public Golf Course - 72-hole public golf course: Approx. 3,695,000㎡, including a 72-hole practice range with 300 bays
- BMW Driving Center: Approx. 300,000㎡, featuring a circuit, sports park, and more

Facility overview
국제업무단지 시설현황에 대한 표입니다.-시설명,면적,사용기간,규모,비고 등 안내
Category Facility Name (Project Developer) Site Area Land Use Term Facility Size Note
Total Floors Gross Floor Area
Resort Complex Paradise City (Paradise Sega Sammy) 330,000㎡ 50years 2 underground,
10 above ground
- -
Hotel IBC-I H1 Hyatt (KAL Co., Ltd.) 16,348㎡ 50years 2 underground,
11 above ground
H2 Hyatt (KAL Co., Ltd.) 16,348㎡ 50years 2 underground,
11 above ground
H3 Best Western (Hub Ville Co., Ltd.) 5,475㎡ 35years 1 underground,
10 above ground
(AI Development Industry Co., Ltd.)
8055.8㎡ 50years 1 underground,
11 above ground
Southern Waterside Nest Hotel (Nest Co., Ltd.) 42,982.98㎡ 50years 1 underground,
11 above ground
Commercial Facilities B2 WorldGate
(Samsung C&T/Kumho Engineering & Construction)
7,534㎡ 50years 2 underground,
12 above ground
(461 offices, 31 shops)
B3 SkyWorld (Daewoo E&C Co., Ltd.) 5,095㎡ 50years 2 underground,
12 above ground
(401 offices, 13 shops)
B4 LG Eclat (Yeolseong Officetel Co., Ltd.) 6,718㎡ 50years 2 underground,
12 above ground
(515 offices, 46 shops)
B5 The Oville Daewoo E&C 7,907㎡ 50years 2 underground,
12 above ground
(553 offices, 24 shops)
B6 Medical Center
(Youngjong Medical Center Consortium Co., Ltd.)
6,146 50years 2 underground
10 above ground
(Hospital, Office)
Commercial C AirJoy (AirJoy Co., Ltd.) 12,147㎡ 25years 3 underground
9 above ground
64,703㎡ Bankruptcy proceedings underway
Leisure Club 72 (KMH Shilla Leisure Co., Ltd.) 3,648,000㎡ Ocean Course(3 years) - Golf course 72 holes
- Practice tange 300 bays
Sky Course(10 years)
BMW Driving Center 290,716㎡ 6.5years - -
Boat racing training center
(Korea Sports Promotion Foundation)
50years Training center, accommodation building, and maintenance building -
Orange Golf Course
(Yeongjong Orange Co., Ltd.)
803,109,000㎡ 20years Golf course 18 holes 5,885㎡
International Business Center (IBC-II)

국제업무단지(IBC-III) 관련 이미지

국제업무단지(IBC-II)안내 표-구분,면적,구성비율 안내
Category IBC-II
Area (㎡) Composition Ratio (%)
Total 161,038 100.0
Commercial and Office Facility Sites 18,385 11.4
Office Facilities Subtotal 18,385 11.4
B1 5,109 3.2
B2 4,511 2.8
B3 4,370 2.7
B4 4,395 2.7
Tourist Facility Sites 76,471 47.5
Accommodation Facilities (Hotel) Subtotal 24,620 15.3
H1 9,767 6.1
H2 17,614 10.9
H3 16,407 10.2
H4 8,063 5.0
Accommodation Facilities (Residence) Subtotal 51,851 32.2
R1 7,227 4.5
R2 9,374 5.8
R3 8,019 5.0
Other Public Facility Sites 66,182 41.1
Roads 46,320 28.8
Pedestrian Streets 1,034 0.6
Parks 18,828 11.7
International Business Center (IBC-III)

Leveraging the international accessibility of the airport, our objective is to spearhead tourist attraction by developing a resort complex and entertainment hub tailored for visitors from Northeast Asia, notably China and Japan, while also boosting demand in aviation.

IBC-II 2단계 지역 토지이용계획 관련 조감도

  • Location and Area: The area northwest of the airport covering 4,367,000㎡ (including the waterside spanning over 1,501,000㎡ )
  • Development Concept: A world-class integrated entertainment complex blending tourism, leisure, shopping, and business facilities to attract foreign tourists
  • Functionalities: Hotel accommodations, entertainment venues, retail outlets, and business facilities
  • Progress
    • Public announcement of the development plan under the Act on the Promotion of a New Airport for Seoul Metropolitan Area Construction (June 30, 2009)
    • Public announcement of the development plan publicly announced under the Special Act on Designation and Management of Free Economic Zones (July 7, 2010)
    • Approval for the modification to the airport development plan (2nd modification) (March 28, 2022).
    • Public announcement of the modification to the Incheon International Airport development plan (4th modification) (April 25, 2022).
    • Currently attracting investment and constructing a resort complex
Southern Waterside Zone

Set against the backdrop of the Southern Waterside, this area hosts the airport railroad station and the maglev train station. In its first development phase, the boat racing training facility was launched for the Korea Sports Promotion Foundation, while the Nest Hotel was opened in the latter half of 2014 as part of the second phase.

South Reservoir Development Project
남측유수지 지역 관련 이미지
South Reservoir Land-use Plan
남측유수지 지역 관련 지도 이미지
  • Location and surface area: South Reservoir northern area 42,060㎡
  • Development Concept: Developed to provide support to the airport and generate aviation demand
  • Functionalities: Accommodation facilities
  • Progress
    • Public announcement of the development plan under the Act on the Promotion of a New Airport for Seoul Metropolitan Area Construction (June 30, 2009)
    • Phase 1 area (97,000㎡) is currently occupied by the Korea Sports Promotion Foundation for its boat racing training facility
    • Phase 2 area (54,000㎡) is occupied by Nest Hotel
Direct any questions regarding information on the website to:
  • Managing department: Airport City Development Team
  • Telephone: +082-32-741-2272, 2273