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Airport Economic Bloc

Overview of Airport Economic Bloc

The airport economic bloc is an extensive economic zone in which various airport-related industries are integrated and an industrial ecosystem where a wide spectrum of economic activities are carried out and new values are created through the aviation network.

Changes in the Airport Paradigm
공항 패러다임의 변화 안내 표
1st generation 2st generation 3st generation
Establishment of airplane take-off and landing infrastructure, convenience and commercial facilities in terminals Cultural complex space (Airport City) combining transportation, shopping, and business in addition to leisure and entertainment functions Industrial hub based on global accessibility and the base for economic activities expanded into hinterland regions
Incheon Airport Economic Zone

Incheon Airport Economic Zone is begin reborn as a global business platform from which optimal synergetic effects are obtained in connection with the Metropolitan Area equipped with advanced industrial facilities

인천공항 경제권-직접경제권(관광벨트/항공지원벨트/비즈니스,R&D벨트/물류,제조벨트/배후주거단지/위락단지(인천시) 및 배후경제권 안내이미지

Direct Economic Zone
  • Establish industrial ecosystem in connection to international airport.
  • Target global markets for GDC, MRO, value-added logistics, etc.
  • Contribute to inbound passenger (passengers to Korea) generation with strategy for development into tourism resources, such as resort complex.
  • Attract industries that are directly linked with airport
  • Play the role as overall anchor for airport economic zone


Hinterland Economic Zone
  • Produce comprehensive industrial synergy from airport hinterland.
  • Foster manufacturing industry and talents, etc. in connection to airline industry.
  • Activate tourism in neighboring cities.
  • Focus on hinterland industries in connection to direct economic zone.
  • Spread ripple effect of airport economic zone.


4 Strategies of Airport Economic Bloc

Through the airport economic bloc, Incheon Airport establishes an economic hub and leads the future with a focus on global business.

공항경제권 4대 전략 안내 표
Business/R&D Hub Tourism/Logistics Hub Advanced Industry Hub Airport Support Hub
>비즈니스/R&D 허브 관련사진 관광/물류 허브 관련사진 첨단 산업 허브 관련사진 항공 지원 허브 관련사진
With an enormous business platform, a variety of business environments are offered, including a global Aviation Town, an R&D and educational training complex, and airplane financial assistance complex. Representative landmarks and the tourism industry belt are established, and the GDC, Fulfillment Center, etc. are set up in response to changes in e-commerce and logistics processes. It serves as an industrial complex that leads innovation of the global manufacturing industry by establishing a convergence industrial hub centered on the 4th Industrial Revolution. A cutting-edge MRO complex and FBO facility is established through mid- to long-term MRO promotion strategies, which comprehensively consider changes in the industrial environment.
Expected Effects

Incheon Airport plans to contribute to public values by producing ripple effects that are beneficial to not only airport-related businesses but also the regional and national economy.

Ripple Effects by Area in 2030
2030년도 분야별 파급 효과 안내 표-물류,MRO,관광별 연간 매출, 생산유발 효과 및 합계
Yearly sales Effect on production inducement
Logistics KRW900billion KRW1.700trillion
MRO KRW2.400trillion KRW3.700trillion
Tourism KRW5.800trillion KRW9.900trillion
Total KRW9.100trillion KRW15.300trillion
경제권 구축/네트워크 강화/인바운드 수요 창출-선순환 구조로 공항중심 도시,산업 경쟁력 육성
Direct any questions regarding information on the website to:
  • Managing department : Economic Zone Planning Team
  • Telephone : +82-32-741-3751, 3752