Incheon Airport was Born Sustainable

Incheon Airport proved its considerations for environmental preservation
and sustainability by publishing Green Report since 1995,
which is even before the terminal construction began.

Published the industry's first Green Report in airport construction and environmental management
Installed Sustainability Management Team and commenced corporate social responsibility activities in full scale
Published the first sustainability report
Held job creation contest and promoted 12 corporate social value (SV) projects
Installed Social Value Creation Group and promoted comprehensive SV realization plan as the first among public enterprises
Developed SVCI and SROI, the social value indicators, and measured SV using the indicators
  • Declared Incheon Airport Vision 2030+ along with ESG management innovation, installed ESG Management Team, and declared innovation in ESG management

Incheon Airport ’s Sustainability Management Evaluated to be the Best

Incheon Airport has always been pursuing to be the world’s best in terms of sustainability management. Our efforts have been proved by winning various awards over the years.

Climate Change Grand Leaders Awards, Public Category (awarded by the Climate Change Center of Korea)
First Prize, KCCI & Forbes CSR Award, Global Contribution Category
CVS Porter Prize (awarded by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy)
Vision Awards (US), SR Report Category
Presidential Citation, Government Awards for Meritorious Service in Social Welfare
Health and Welfare Minister Award for Excellent Company, CSR in the Community Day
  • Grand Prize, Korea Management Awards, Social Value Category (8 years in a row)
  • Grand Prize, Korean Sustainability Index (12 years in a row)
  • Presidential Award, National Quality Innovation Awards, Social Value Category

ESG, No Longer an Option to Put on Hold

ESG is the most powerful initiative for sustainability management.
The discourse on CSR and CSV has evolved
into ESG that embraces corporate governance.

1990s' 2010s' 2018 2021
Definition Corporate social responsibility Creating shared value Maximizing public interest in addition to economic value Key elements affecting corporate sustainability (e.g. environmental, social, and governance factors)
Key value Goodwill and good deed Creating economically and socially high values that are shared by society and companies Creating stakeholder values and interests Sustainability of corporate investment and non-financial impact
Our response Expanded community, public, and global contribution projects Selected and promoted key CSV projects (12), such as for job creation and open innovation Developed SV indicators and used the indicators in assessment Organized a team specializing in ESG and pursued preemptive ESG management

“For us, for a sustainable life of humanity,
we will evolve to a global innovative company by internalizing environmental and
social values and strictly practicing transparent and ethical management.”

-   President & CEO Hag-Jae Lee   -

Framework for Incheon Airport ’s
ESG Strategy

Incheon Airport ’s ESG innovation strategy has been developed on the basis of the following three strategies and guidelines.

Our mid- to long-term strategy (Vision 2030+)
  • Connect Lives (digital, ESG, smart)
  • Connect Cultures (mega hub, logistics, convergence)
  • Connect the Future (mobility, overseas business, airport expansion)
Our Green New Deal strategy
  • Responding to the government’s Industry 4.0 and Korean New Deal policies
  • Establishing a sustainable airport development system to lead Green New Deal
  • Energy, mobility, low-carbon, and green transition tasks
The Korean Government’s Guidelines for Innovation in Public Enterprises
  • Creating tangible outcomes of social value
  • Empowering innovative growth and improving economic vitality
  • Promoting sound operation of institutions and improving public confidence

Incheon Airport ’s ESG Management Innovation Strategy

Incheon Airport established a strategic system for the systematic promotion of ESG management.

ESG Vision
Fly to the World Best ESG Hub
ESG Brand
Strategic Direction
To promote human-oriented management based on the ESG Happiness platform and through innovation and growth


  • 100% transition to renewable energies ~2040
  • Creation of 120,000 jobs ~2030
  • Top tier in overall anti-corruption and integrity assessment of public enterprises 2025~
  • Tasks
    Join RE100, achieve energy independence, and others 15 tasks
  • Tasks
    Expand innovative jobs for new deal and start-up, and others 13 tasks
  • Tasks
    Improve the anti-corruption and corporate ethics system, and others 12 tasks

Incheon Airport’s ESG
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